Nová lektorka anglického jazyka

Na naší škole bude tento školní rok 2014/15 vyučovat anglický jazyk nová lektorka ze Spojených států amerických.
Hi everyone! My name is Amy Strada, and I’m from New York. I graduated from college with a degree in English literature, and now I’m here!

For the next ten months, I will be teaching at your school in Staré Město, thanks in part to the Fulbright Commission, which has allowed me to become part of your community. I am incredibly excited to start teaching here and to become a resource for anybody who wishes to better their English!

I’ve come to teach in the Czech Republic because the history is very closely tied to my own — my entire family was born here (except for me). This is a great opportunity for me to learn from you all as much as you can learn from me.

Everyone I’ve met thus far has been incredibly kind, and I look forward to meeting the rest of you. Feel free to say hi!
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