Our school

Name: Vocational and Grammar School Staré Město
Address: Velehradská 1527, Staré Město 686 03, Czech Republic
Founder: Zlín region, legal form: region, company registration number 70 891 320, tř. T. Bati 3792, 761 90 Zlín
School headmaster: Mgr. Bedřich Chromek


School headmaster: Mgr. Bedřich Chromek, tel.: +420 572 420 203, e-mail: chromek (a)
Statutory deputy: Mgr. Martin Zábranský, tel.: +420 572 420 209, e-mail: zabransky (a)
Deputy: Mgr. Pavel Turčin, tel.: +420 572 420 209, e-mail: turcin (a)

About the school

Vocational and Grammar School Staré Město is a Czech state secondary school for the regions of Uherské Hradiště, Zlín, Hodonín and others. It is situated on the outskirts of Staré Město by the road leading to a well-known pilgrimage place Velehrad. The school, dormitory, gym, outdoor sports facilities, mechanization hall, arboretum, greenhouse and training fields all together form modern premises on the area of 7 ha. The dormitory offers accommodation to students from most of the secondary schools in the region. The school canteen provides the accommodated students with all-day board and the commuting students with lunch. Currently there are 17 classes at our school, 9 of them at the Vocational and 8 at the Grammar School.

Fields of study

Agriculture and farming
Graduates communicate in one foreign language, use a PC, master plant production, animal husbandry, environment protection and agriculture products processing. They are familiar with common farming mechanization, tax accounting for physical entities, and all of them have a driving license for cars and tractors (each student pays only a fee of 700 Kč).

Economics and business enterprise
Graduates communicate in two foreign languages, master teamwork, know rights and duties of employees and employers, and understand business enterprise principles. They can effectively apply mathematical procedures in problem solving, keep accounts, elaborate tax declarations, perform all common business functions with the use of PC.

Ecology and environment
Graduates particularly find their jobs in the areas of environment, forestry and agriculture administration, at building departments, preserved natural area and national park administrations, at the Czech environment inspection departments or Hygiene station departments.

Grammar school
The knowledge obtained at our school enables students to develop and expand their abilities and skills at universities in the Czech Republic or abroad and also in the process of lifelong learning.

Staré Město

The town of Staré Město is situated in the southeast of the Czech Republic, on the plains of the Morava river, near the district town of Uherské Hradiště. The area of the town is 2084 ha and it borders eight towns – Uherské Hradiště, Kunovice, Kostelany nad Moravou, Zlechov, Huštěnovice, Kněžpole, Jalubí and Velehrad. Staré Město lies in the “Dolnomoravský” basin, in the altitude of 180-190 m.
From the geological viewpoint it lies in so called Viennese basin surrounded by hills and highlands of the Western Carpathians strip. The Morava river is the major water formation, historical as well as landscape dominant of the region.



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